Tracy Middleton

I am an editorial leader and content marketing strategist for some the world’s most successful magazine brands. I am currently the Brand Director at Yoga Journal, the leading authority on yoga. Prior to that, I was the Health Director of Women’s Health, world’s fastest-growing women's magazine brand, which has an audience of more than 35 million global consumers. I'm passionate about storytelling, health and wellness, and finding the perfect champagne cocktail.

The Story Behind 's New Clean Best of Beauty Seal

The word "clean" has never been so, well, murky. When it's applied to the serums and shampoos that we use every day, it can mean very different things to different people (and different brands and different retailers). That's why we took it upon ourselves to analyze the research, talk to experts on all sides (toxicologists, dermatologists, chemists), and determine which ingredients we think a "clean" beauty product should not contain. There are those that could pose health risks (phthalates, for

You really couldn't find a sharper, more reliable, or more professional journalist than Tracy. She's equally skilled at reporting, writing, and editing, and is a total pro at IDing trends, sussing out need-to-know stories, securing the right partners, and delivering crucial info in a compelling way.

    Sascha DeGersdorff, Executive Editor, Cosmopolitan